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At MedMovers, we understand the challenges of relocating during medical school, residency, and clinical practice. Our company was founded by a physician who faced each of those challenges. MedMovers exists to simplify the time-consuming and stressful process of relocating for medical professionals. Before, you had to focus on looking for a house, packing and moving your furniture, and dealing with home closings and mortgages. Now, medical professionals like you can focus on what is most important—learning the art and skill of patient care—while we take care of all your relocation details.

Other moving companies are great at one thing: moving your stuff. They can’t help you find a home or apartment, much less offer a mortgage program designed especially for you. But MedMovers provides a single source for all your relocation needs including:

  • Finding the right home or apartment in the right neighborhood, anywhere in the U.S.
  • Arranging and tracking the movement of your furniture and other belongings
  • Specialty mortgages
  • Attorney closing services
  • Home warranty programs
  • Full-service property management

Unlike traditional moving companies, we work with professionals from all areas of the moving industry, streamlining the relocation process. We also have the unique perspective of understanding your busy and time-sensitive schedule. Our specialists work directly with real estate agents, moving vendors, and lending institutions to arrange every aspect of your move.

Getting Started

To begin the process of allowing us to handle your move, call 706-244-6888 or create a profile online. Your personal relocation specialist will be in touch to determine your needs and manage the entire moving process from start to finish. You focus on your patients, and we’ll focus on your move. Some of the moving services we offer include: